Sunday, April 10, 2016

Let's Have a Pinwheel Party!

For my birthday in December, my mother bought me a pack of charm squares in the Chic Neutrals line from Moda.  The purples and yellows really sang to me, and charms certainly lend themselves easily to various projects. The question was, what did *I* want to do with these squares? A quick review of MSQC's videos made me decide on pinwheels, especially because the cutting was easy.

Initial progress on 1/15/16

However, a new question presented itself after I got the rows together. With colors this vibrant, how in the world was I going to decide on a border? I didn't want to drown out any of these prints.

This is where having access to a good stash really saved me. I found a gray-on-gray floral in the fabrics I'd inherited with my machine, and my mother had some sunny yellow yardage. The effect was just right.

The quilt top with the two borders

Now at the same time as I was working on this, two important things were happening. Firstly, my aunt and uncle were expecting their firstborn child within the month. Secondly, a historic blizzard had come down on us. If ever there was a time to finish a quilt, this was it. I'd also finished up a Yellow Brick Road top, and I messaged my aunt to say that I'd like to offer a blanket as a gift for baby. Between the two, my aunt preferred the pinwheels.

The snow kept my office closed for several days, and as such, I was able to quilt and bind up the top with time to spare. It was a bit wonky, but as I've heard a hundred times, done is better than perfect.

 As a quick side note - I know I mentioned "Pinwheel Party" in the title of this blog post, but I can't for the life of me remember if I called this blanket "Pinwheel Party" or if I actually called it "Pinwheel Parade." What can I say? I like cute names for things.

My youngest cousin arrived within two weeks after her present was done, and my grandmother sent it in the mail for me.  My aunt was kind enough to provide a picture of baby girl using the blanket for her tummy time:

Picture of the recipient, with permission from her mother

I'll admit, seeing this made my heart sing. Pinwheels is not my first completed quilt, but I'll never know the child who received "Roman Holiday" from the Christmas quilt and teddy bear drive. Actually getting to see the quilt in use is an honest to goodness delight.

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