Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thoughts on Being a Scavenger

As a guild member, I get to peruse both a free and library table at our monthly meetings. I tend to stick to the free table so that I don't accidentally grab things that I'll forget to return at the next meeting. What can I say? I know myself.

The free table is its own little treasure trove. In any given month, you could find non-cotton fabrics, ribbons, magazines, threads...the list goes on. At first, I felt absurd gravitating to that side of the room on meeting breaks. I have money, right? Surely, I can buy patterns and notions and whatever I want?

When I think about it, it comes down to the age we live in.  Several other guild members have pointed out to me that I'm very lucky to come of age as a quilter in the Internet Era.  I get better access to classes, videos, and naturally, more free patterns than I could ever hope to use in a lifetime. Really, gleaning what I like from a non-virtual trove was the logical next step.

I still love my more formal resources, of course. I have plenty of purchased fabric and at least four quilting books, along with patterns and needles and the like. However, I can't deny the little thrill I get when I know I made something in slightly more economical fashion. I love this hobby, but it does add up.

Don't be afraid to scavenge, folks! You'll never know what you could find.

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